Our Writers

Casey Lynne

Casey Lynne is a budding author whose love for fantasy drives her passion for writing. With her background in natural science, she finds solace in creating meticulously thought out new worlds and exploring them through her work and mind. Along with writing, she enjoys playing various video games, singing, photography, and voice acting. As a new player to this game, Casey is doing her best to learn everything she can before she makes her grand entrance to the publishing scene.

Ivy K. Hunter

Ivy K. Hunter enjoys turning soapboxes into stories. Her second word was why, and she’s never stopped asking it. Inspired by her day job as a math and science teacher, Ivy writes with a heavy lean toward speculative and science fiction.  If hacking aliens or geriatric space cowgirls sound fun, learn more at their website or reach out through social media.

J.B. Bouman

J.B. Bouman writes fantasy and science fiction and loves to read good books of any kind. When not reading or writing, J.B. can be found trying all manner of hobbies or food at least once. If you would like to know when J.B. has a new book available, you can sign up to his newsletter.

Krystal N. Craiker

Krystal N. Craiker is a new adult fantasy author with a background in education and anthropology. She believes in creating relatable fantasy worlds that feel both new and familiar. When she’s not stuck in the magical worlds inside her head, you can find her playing board games, reading, and volunteering. Krystal is also a freelance writer and author educator. She lives in Texas with her two dogs and husband.  

Michelle Monárrez

Michelle Monárrez is a Mexican-American writer on the road to publishing. Her roots and Fiction Crafting training in both Mexico and the United States gave her voice a unique flavor. Her writing aims to deliver stories placed in American settings that echo her Hispanic heritage through diverse themes, unique descriptions, and the use of magical realism. Visit her website to find out more about her work.

Rosalind Wulf

Rosalind Wulf is an author, artist, and possible changeling. She loves the fantastic; scientific and otherwise! Her hobbies include crafting, sewing, being Autistic, sleeping, immigrating to foreign countries, and procrastinating on writing. She has a fancy little website at rosalindwulf.com, where you can see her art and find info on her books. Books like Faerie Blood & Cold Iron Hounds! Out now!

Victoria Frost

Victoria Frost is a freelance writer, artist, and photographer — largely because living as a fortune-teller in a haunted farmhouse is not considered a “proper profession.” She was born and raised in Keller, Texas, amongst many furred and feathered creatures. Home-schooled throughout her life due to chronic illness, she was able to devote ample time to her crafts.

Victoria strives to deliver diverse casts and rich narratives in her projects. Much of her focus is on the mythological and unusual, and has found a home in urban and paranormal fiction. She hopes to one day learn the skills necessary to bring her tales to life as a game developer.

Brian Smith

The only thing Brian Smith won’t write is his author bio. He loves to play with perspective and form in his writing. This tends to draw him towards Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and (his first love) Satire. As long as it pushes the boundaries of imagination though, it’s fair game. When he’s not scrutinizing a single line of dialogue for several hours at a time, he can be found watching movies, playing games, listening to podcasts, or arguing about all three of those things. 

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